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The Live And Let Live Alano Club (LLLAC) is a not for profit 501(c3) corporation that is open to the public every day of the year and provides community and meeting space to 40,000 participants annually in over forty 12-Step recovery meetings weekly.Our facility, meetings, and events are open to the public.

The LLLAC provides meeting referrals, recovery literature, and information about local drug-and-alcohol recovery services in San Diego. We also produce clean and sober dances, dinners, and events on holidays and throughout the year to foster community and enjoyment in a safe, and welcoming, drug and alcohol free, environment.

Over one thousand participants utilize our facility each week. The LLLAC is a place one can drop in anytime and enjoy the fellowship and community of others practicing sober living.
The Live and Let Live Alano Club is one of San Diego’s oldest continuously operating LGBT non-profit service organizations. Since its founding in Hillcrest in 1983 the LLLAC has been there for thousands of individuals, many of which have stayed sober many years and today live productive, happy and useful lives. Many of those same individuals have quietly kept the LLLAC going serving the public for over 30 years with donations, and service, in gratitude, for what they received.

The LLLAC is not a treatment or rehab facility. Instead our mission is for the ‘long haul support’ of those beginning and sustaining sobriety as an ongoing way of life. Accessibility to a consistent and experienced recovery community of examples and mentors is proven to greatly enhance an individual’s success in achieving and sustaining recovery long term.

Chronic Alcoholism and drug addiction are often accompanied by isolation and hopelessness. The LLLAC provides a safe place and community for individuals to come out of their isolation, re-join society and witness examples of others who ‘have been there’ overcoming their addictions and hopelessness and returning to useful, happy and productive lives. We are open every day of the year including all holidays so no one has to go it alone on difficult days.

Over the years The Alano Club has expanded its focus from just AA and Alanon to include a great variety 12 step groups to stay abreast of the needs of our local LGBT community. With three rooms used for meetings, social events, and educational sessions, LLLAC provides a welcoming environment for the following recovery groups:

In order to honor and balance 12 step traditions of anonymity, humility, and ‘attraction not promotion’, the LLLAC has intentionally maintained a humble profile among local LGBT service organizations. Despite our low profile we have been fortunate for 30 plus years to receive needed support when requested, and recognition by many organizations, businesses and individuals in the LGBT community as a vital San Diego LGBT resource. We hope to continue and build this support so we may serve long into the future.

We invite you to join our fellowship either as a member or community sponsor and help us continue to carry the message that LGBT persons can and do recover from addiction and that life in recovery is a new adventure to be enjoyed!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean and sober environment, for individuals in twelve-step and other recovery programs, as well as their friends and family, to gather for support, community, and personal growth.

In recognizing that issues of alcoholism and other addictions, arise more often among the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual population, our focus is to serve this community.

Board of Directors

The Live & Let Live Alano Club elects a Volunteer Board of Directors from its membership. The Board is comprised of 9 members who serve 3 year terms. Elections are held the last Week in October each year. Board Members are all volunteers and are responsible for the business of the LLLAC as laid out in our bylaws. Board Members assume office Nov 1. Read more…


The Live and Let Live Alano Club operates according to it’s bylaws. Though not affiliated with AA our bylaws commit us employ and be guided by the principles contained in the 12 steps, traditions and concepts of service wherever possible.

Over the years the bylaws have been amended. In 2007 an amendment was added that the members must approve any changes to our bylaws. See the full text of our bylaws in pdf by clicking the link below. Footnotes and endnotes are included as a guide to all revisions since 1983.