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Board of Directors

The Live & Let Live Alano Club elects a Volunteer Board of Directors from its membership. The Board is comprised of 9 members who serve 3 year terms. Elections are held the last Week in October each year. Board Members are all volunteers and are responsible for the business of the LLLAC as laid out in our bylaws. Board Members assume office Nov 1. Current Board Members include:

John F.

Ella Rose L.

David P.

Jeffrey F.

Michael B.

Kat G.

Robert T.

Mike B.

Richard C.







Public Relations



Terms of office for all Directors are three years. Each October the Members Elect three new Directors.

*Officers are elected by the BOD members for one year terms.

Qualifications to be elected to the Board are governed by Bylaws Article V Section 2 (Elections): members in good standing for over six months and minimum one year of sobriety or non-alcoholic.

The Board of Directors are empowered to name successors to Board vacancies as they occur, per Bylaws Article IV Section A (Management BOD and Committees)

If you are interested in serving on the LLLAC Board you may fill out a letter of intent at our location.