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Support A Community of Continuous Service


An often overlooked benefit of recovery to a community besides individuals returning to productive society is service. For the Alcoholic or addict in 12 step recovery service is not just suggested it is mandatory. We have to give it away to keep it.

Most if not all recovering individuals with any amount of clean time will actively seek out opportunities to be of service to others recovering and their communities at large. The cliche ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ in this case is a reality. Whether you are an alcoholic or addict or just a friend and supporter of one, it is impossible to measure how many lives you will touch eventually with your help and support.

This is a wonder of AA and all the associated 12 step programs it fostered.It began with one alcoholic (bill w.) helping another (bob s.) all the way back in 1935. By now those authors of the 12 steps have touched and changed perhaps a million lives or more. Likewise, if you donated or helped at the club in the last three decades you too have touched hundreds of lives by now as those you have helped have helped others and the community at large.

Help us to keep this circle of continuous service going by becoming a member or ‘sponsor’ of the LLLAC.