Why Membership?

Membership is more than a cup with your name on it. It is about having our own place, a public presence, location, and a physical example in the LGBT community of service, recovery, unity, and love. It’s about a place we share: a LGBT  ‘safe haven’ that welcomes all as equals without bias, to recovery, fellowship, and renewed life.

It is about having a safe place to go that is open 365 days a year including ALL holidays. It is all about that new person starting recovery, with nowhere else to go but up, who finds an experienced recovery community already doing what he or she may doubt they can do, living sober happy lives.

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Become A Member

Our Members are the backbone of the LLLAC. Our doors would have closed long ago if it weren’t for the commitment to community and service of members paying dues month after month, year after year for almost three decades. Many of our Members are individuals that first came to the club seeking to turn their lives around, (or right side up!) with the 12 steps of recovery (first developed by AA and later adapted to many other programs like Alanon, CA, MA, OA etc. etc). Many of those same members have sustained long term recovery measured in decades and many still return to be of service through membership and/or direct service to the club and those we serve. Other Members may not be in recovery themselves but understand the need for recovery and wish to partake of the vibrant community at the LLLAC at open meetings, events, workshops etc.

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Join Us It’s Easy!

If you are not already a member just go ahead and use the payments selection below. Be sure to fill out all the information asked for and be sure to give us your email address and we’ll email you back with your membership number and details. If you have any other questions use our handy form on the contact us link and we’ll get back to you asap.


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