San Diego Crisis Hotline
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Membership is more than a cup with your name on it. It is about having our own place, a public presence, location, and a physical example in the LGBT community of service, recovery, unity, and love. It’s about a place we share: a LGBT ‘safe haven’ that welcomes all as equals without bias, to recovery, fellowship, and renewed life.It is about having a safe place to go that is open 365 days a year including ALL holidays. It is all about that new person starting recovery, with nowhere else to go but up, who finds an experienced recovery community already doing what he or she may doubt they can do, living sober happy lives.

The Club was started by and is supported primarily by it’s Membership. Meetings pay rent but the Members subsidize and fundamentally support the Club, as they have for 28 years. The LLLAC would cease to exist without the generosity and commitment to service of it’s Members who give of their time and treasure month after month, year after year, as yet another form of service to help others find recovery from addiction.

If you are a Member we sincerely thank you. If you are not yet a member or are thinking of rejoining we urge you to joins us to keep the LLLAC going and assure it’s future.