The Live & Let Live Alano Club

1730 Monroe St

San Diego, Ca 92116


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The Live and Let Live Alano Club mission:

“To provide a safe, clean, and sober environment for individuals in twelve-step and other recovery programs, as well as their friends and family, to gather for support, community, and personal growth. In recognizing that issues of alcoholism and other addictions arise more often among the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual population, our focus is to serve this community.”


9:00am Women's Meeting AA Discussion      Main room

11:00am Straight Shooters AA Discussion     Main room

11:00am Marijuana Anonymous MA Discussion   Room G

12:30pm Self Mutilators Anonymous Room G

1:00pm Smart Recovery Open Meeting         Main room

2:00pm Co-Dependents Anonymous Discussion    Room G

4:30pm We Agnostics AA Discussion         Main room

4:30pm  Sex & Love Addiction SLAA Discussion    Room G

5:45pm SCA (Sexual Compulsive Anonymous) Room G

6:00pm Beautiful beginnings AA Discussion  Main room

7:00pm Sunday Night Step Study SAA Discussion   Room G

8:00pm Principals Before Personalities NA Speaker  Main room


11:45am Sober Nooners AA Discussion        Main room

12:00pm ACA  Adult Children of Alcoholics      Room G

6:30pm Empowered Recovery All Fellowship Room G

5:45pm  Revelations in Recovery CMA Discussion    Main room

8:00pm Cocaine Anonymous Discussion   Room G

8:00pm Round Robin NA Discussion   Main room


11:45 Sober Nooners AA Discussion    Main room

2:00pm Clutters Anonymous     Room G

7:00pm Adult Children of Alcoholics ACA    Room G


11:45 Sober Nooners AA Discussion   Main room

4:00pm  Free Legal Aid    Room G

5:45 Crystal Clear CMA Discussion     Main room

7:00pm  Third Eye Women's Meditation    Room G

8:15pm Hope Without Dope NA     Main room


11:45am Sober Nooners AA Discussion   Main room

2:00pm Gamblers Anonymous GA Discussion   Room G

6:00pm Clutters Anonymous      Room G

6:30pm  Overeaters Anonymous     Main room

8:00pm Butts Out AA Discussion     Main room


11:45 Sober Nooners AA Discussion   Main room

5:45 Free To Be AA Discussion   Main room

5:45  Sexual Compulsive SCA Discussion Room G

8:00pm Sober Minded Leather Folk AA Discussion   Main room


10:00am CoDa Discussion     Room G

11:45am Sober Nooners AA Discussion   Main room

2:00pm How and Why NA Discussion    Main room

3:15pm  Life Support CMA Discussion    Main room

6:00pm Sobearity Meeting AA Discussion  Main room

8:00pm Two Bit Speaker AA    Main room

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1730 Monroe

San Diego, Ca 92116

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